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Every week I am talking with people about the various podcast that I am listening, so I thought it might be interesting to post my podcast list that has been queued up for the week.

  • Armchair Expert – The Mark Dupress episode was AWESOME, I actually went back to listen to different parts of this podcast. Armchair Expert is a weird podcast but I need to explain that a bit. Dax is impressive, his curiosity for humans, their lives and getting into the details of their challenges is what really makes this work. I say this is weird podcast because there are times where you are laughing at his description of butt cracks in one episode and pausing everything you are doing to listen to him challenge ideas on race or science. It’s a podcast where you really never know what you are going to encounter which is something that should be appreciated more these days.
  • This week in statups – Jason Calacanis has an ego, he comes off like a know it all and yet, there is so much truth to what he is saying. Let’s face it, you can be an ass for the sake of being an ass or you can do it with the intention of helping others through their journey. There is no doubt in my mind that Jason is doing it for the later and his approach while rough in my opinion tends to work rather well. If you are thinking about or in a startup and notice that you don’t have the metrics that many of his guests have then take a few notes and pull your shit together.
  • The indicator – Short podcast that can help get the wheels spinning. It’s fun, quick and for those who are not experts in the financial world, it might be worth listening to.
  • Entre Leadership – I don’t always finish these, not sure what it is. It’s a feel-good business podcast, its that feel good part that may be the reason I end it sooner than most. I am not looking for a dark pessimistic tone in a podcast but it would be nice to have the guest be more challenged in their questions and digging deeper into their personal rollercoaster.
  • Masters in Business – One of the few podcasts where everytime I list to it I walk away knowing something new and applicable. I have also gotten more new book recommendations from this podcast than any other. Barry Ritholtz does a great job and his guest is not there to promote or sell something, its like they show up to talk about their passion and in many cases their passion is business. I really work hard not to miss this podcast.
  • Waking Up – I have mixed feeling about this one. Sam does a great job of trying to bring people on to challenge his own and their thinking. It’s rare for people to want to try and create a dialogue regarding today’s tough topics, #metoo, religion, politics, etc.. Now I have had this podcast playing in the car and my passengers thought Sam’s voice was like nails on the chalkboard, not sure why but I find his voice easy to listen to. The true challenge of Sam’s show is it is anecdotal, hard to come to a resolution with some of the guesses or you walk away like, ok we agree on something of these things but with no real thought on how to approach a real solution. Its no fault to Sam, these things are tough and yet I still listen.
  • The Tim Ferris Show – I have to admit, I don’t always listen to this podcast. Tim does a great job of interviewing his guest but I just sometimes hit my limits with Tim. Not sure what it is, he has been going for years and maybe I have outgrown it? Hard to explain, nowadays I just look at his guest and decide if I want to listen in. Now I will say to his advertisers, I have purchased more from his show than any other. Four Sigma was the first and still one of my favorite purchases from his show, I have often thought that I should have some of the companies I have invested into should advertise on his show because I have to believe his audience makes decisions and purchases faster than most. Just a guess.
  • Hidden Brain – Another NPR podcast I know, but still a fun podcast to listen too.
  • Jocko Podcast – If I had to describe his podcast in one word – INTENSE. Not sure Jocko has any other mode except intense. I really do appreciate his intensity and when it comes to his stories of the battlefield I really come to appreciate what our troops go through. I have had to pause his podcast a few times in the past, some stories are not easy to listen to but I do think many more Americans should. As for his lessons, personally, I don’t always connect with the lesson that he is trying to get across which tells me I am not sure I would have done well in the military. He is intense, he is real and his 4:30 am twitter post every day tells me I need to get to bed earlier.
  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour – This has to be one of my favorite podcast, seriously. Best combination of history and the world today, truly worth listening to. I wish I could write more about this podcast but I lack the ability to put into words how much I have learned from this and how much I truly enjoy this podcast.
  • The Business – This is my guilty pleasure. It’s about Hollywood, movies, actors, and money. It’s my version of the papers that are right next to the checkout at the grocery store and yet, check it out.
  • Strong Towns – Think Dave Ramsey for Cities. If you have thought about getting involved in your local community or if you are trying to figure out why your community is doing some of the crazy things, then you need to listen to this podcast. If more cities listened to this podcast, they might be more financially viable. It is a common sense approach to thinking about the making of your city, what is surprising to me is when you listen to this podcast and then look around your community you quickly realize all the mistakes that are really costing your community.
  • a16z – Best word to describe this podcast, thoughtful or maybe insightful. Typically a good conversation goes a layer or two deeper than most podcast by asking the tough questions just to get people thinking about technology and our world today. This podcast is not for everyone and you really have to be a tech nerd to want to listen, for me its one of the best for any topic they decide to talk about.
  • Code Switch – Depending on what side of the fence you are on, this could challenge everything you think about certain topics such as race relations, #metoo, etc.. Personally I like to be challenged in my thinking if for nothing else to confirm my beliefs but I must admit on more than one occasion this podcast had me really rethinking how I approach things. Their approach is solid and non-confrontational which is rare in most media today. I have to appreciate this podcast even though I don’t agree with it.
  • KEXP – Do you love music? If you do then you MUST subscribe to all or at the very least one of their podcast.

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