Shifting purpose

Decided I am going to utilize my site to be more of my journal of daily task, so much of what I talk about, rationalize (with myself) and deal with will make no sense, but this is my corner of the internet so I can do what I want.

For those who are watching, all names of people and places will be replaced.

Wednesday: Backlog and Review

Having to go back and follow up with a few customers, catch up on where they are at, experiences with software and get into pricing for those that want to continue.  I say that only because some of these customer probably should not have migrated over to the new version of the software.  Something that you only learn through experience (more on that another time), either way these are difficult conversations that can last over an hour.  So I have 2 or 3 of these to take care of which really kills the momentum of the day.

Regarding the review, the one thing I struggle with is Salesforce. Personally I find it to be crap.  Sure you can get amazing reports out of it, but you can do that out of any software when you have all the data.  Just my test last year from pipedrive compaired to Salesforce, it was pretty close to a 1 to 3 click ratio. For every 1 click I had in Pipedrive, I had 3 in salesforce, I might even argue now I spend more time looking for data than anything else.  I digress, I need to really get in and clean my pipeline up, my target market is not as rigid as most so that requires me to be in Saleforce more than I care to.  

Also have an experiment that I need to finish the write up I am doing for it, I am sure to have more on this tomorrow or later this week.

One more thing, I have to get my expense reports turned in.