Day 333

Going to knock out the following tomorrow:
– State Bet Review – Look at email campaigns and numbers. The numbers are not where they need to be, need to move some individuals to new list as well as remove them from the larger list and start sending one-off’s.

Secondary items: 
– Cleaning up Salesforce Pipeline (32 left)
– State Bet Review – Check in on 30-Day campaigns
– RFP – Need to finish this up for Paul
– Read another 30 pages of “The Great Demo”
– Follow up on some rough quotes sent out, they were discussed, then put on paper and now it has hopefully sunk in, I need to check in.
– Also need to think about the actual sales process and document it, sounds strange but I really don’t have a solid list of questions, or a good workflow that I do every time. Funny because I sell software that pushes that idea for work, maybe that is why I hate Salesforce?  There is no workflow process built in, its click here, there, back over there, here and then your on to something else before you realize you didn’t finish the last task. Damn, I digress again.

A year of lessons with the SMB market, the good and the bad.  This has been started but I really do have to clean up the copy, make sure my points are made and then format it.  

I also need to prepare for travel, I will be heading out of town for sales demo training. I have some homework (aside from the reading) and I have not started so this may be day 333 or maybe move to day 332.

That is it for me, see you on the flip side.