Day 334

First, day 333 was horrible. Not sure what happened or maybe it was a few of the phone calls that didn’t go so well. Either way I decided that today I was going to work from the co-working space, needed to get out of home office.

I also signed up for 8fit, I’ll keep you posted on how that works out for me.

Today, Day 334.
Priority: Finish up the report on SMB, lessons learned, ideas for future and some data points to back up these ideas for the future.


  • Wrap up all Salesforce task today
  • Research why the video campaign results dropped off, the analytics were amazing at first then out of nowhere they dropped to zero? Something is not right but not sure what?
  • Found a bunch of issues in Salesforce, cleaning that up.
  • Prepare for Training next week, make sure to follow template they have provided.
  • Create the follow-up list for next week

Now for things not related to work:

  • Pay for altMBA program
  • Lunch meeting with Investment team
  • Get feedback this weekend on the new website for NEMT business
  • Get budget’s for family approved for next year
  • Continue looking for car for daughter, ugh

Have a great Friday.