Updates and Training

Alright, so I am been trying to optimize my workflow, still not there yet. Do I post up the work to do or do I post the work that is done? How much detail, travel plans, etc.? Still working through all of these things but my goal is to have a public record of my work for one full year and this month is about refining that process.

Today while preparing for travel, I was able to connect with 2 potential customers, both of which are looking to close before the end of this year. Trying to wrap this year up on a good note before jumping into 2019.

This week I will be going through the “Great Demo!” Training which if the book is any indication then it should be good training. I have a few phone calls to make and I am also just figuring out why my metrics on the video emails are so far off so I need to redo some of those people in the campaign.

Today was also the deadline for paying the altMBA tuition, paid for and now I am excited to see what comes from that? First time in a while that I leveled up using my own coin, it was way past due.

I’ll post highlights from the demo training for those that are interested.