Day 345 – Bet Updates

Primary Goal:
Update team on the Bet I am working on for this Quarter, how it’s going, what is working, what is not, the cost to date, etc.

Secondary Goal:
Working in two different CRM systems is tough, which do I update, are they talking are they not? I need to make sure the primary one (SalesForce) is up to date. The big issue here is close dates and est. ARR for each, most are up to date but being out of town last week and some of the conversations between last week and today have me rethinking some of that data.

Another item I need to step back from trying to utilize Vidyard at scale, it really only works for a one-to-one so I am having to rethink parts of the campaigns that I am sending out. Guessing that I will have to also rethink the approach to the persona’s not getting the results I thought I would. The plan going forward or the idea anyway, shift from thinking about the persona based campaign to one based on population and geography, I believe if I can get a few of these communities to join me on a WebEx presentation with others that share their same needs we may be able to move these leads forward a bit faster. As I said, the results to date have been pretty typical for the industry so something has to change. Not sure how I will get groups onto a presentation yet but I have some ideas on that (more to come)

Sales Items:

  • A few leads are moving to opportunities, need to follow up and then pass to the team to get those closed.
  • Check on some contracts that are floating out there, why have they not come back yet?
  • Also need to watch a city council meeting tonight to see if we are approved for the 2018/2019 budget.
  • Need to figure out why the click rate on one campaign was zero percent? ZERO, are they serious? Everything else was 2 or 3% but zero? Something does not seem right on this because I have a few of the email responses in my inbox? Checking into that one.
  • Create list of ideas for Q1 based on metrics and lessons learned this QTR.

Other Items:

  • Volunteer at kids school today – In the programming class with 3rd graders talking about web development and going over HTML. Should be fun.

  • Did I mention that I made it into the altMBA program, starting in Feb.. I just had to mention that again.
  • Continue building out the directory for prefab modern homes. Don’t ask why, it has been in my head forever and there is ZERO money to this but I just love reading about and looking at these things, so to practice my coding skills I am going to continue building out this directory. It’s my late night project, a little coding here and there never hurt anyone. Already purchased the URL, now its just build, build and build. Oh, and the big thing that I will learn with this project is web scraping, something I am not good at right now but need to be. To get all the data into the system I will need to pull from sources all around the web to fill it. I’ll keep you posted.