Day 346 – Power of 50

Primary Goal: The aim today is to get 3x 50 emails out to test a few different approaches.

Shifting to the geography and population-based groups, within these groups I am going to attempt these three approaches:

  • One sentence email, just a question to see if we can get a response on these
  • Individual video emails, these do not scale well but I am going to test this out by sending 50 one off emails to see what we get for a response.
  • Send an invite to people and include others on email, the invite will request an opportunity to do a WebEx as a group to review their issues.

Secondary Goal:
Damn Concur, need to fix that one report that has been popping up for the past few months? I have ignored it for to long, time to get this resolved.

Other items:

  • Review City Council meeting notes, did we get approved?
  • Connect with Tyler on the 30-Day trial system I set up, time to see if this works.
  • Mentally prepare for parents visit this weekend, maybe set some time aside to try this meditation thing.
  • Continue reading “This is Marketing” by Seth Godin