Day 348 – Wrapping up & Video

Primary goal:
Wrap up this week strong. So many follow ups that I need to take care of today, almost to many to count. Looking at the list now I have over 30 emails to follow up on, ugh.

Secondary goal:
Need to talk with Hubspot, something is not right with the numbers or analytics on the emails. Suddenly I am getting 0% click or open rate on anything? Something happened and I need to get that resolved quickly.

Other Items:
Talk with Apple about canceling my subscription to 8fit, I canceled it on the 30-day Trail but I can already see they tried to charge me for it. Not going to happen. I was not a fan of the app for many reasons of which I will get into later.

Finish RFP

Order equipment for my move to Vloging (is it still called that or am I just old), I really love the video format of this. Even though this idea of posting my daily work live is not what my goal is, it has been insightful to see it from my perspective what is working what is not. I have some ideas on where I want to go with this so if you are ready thing (not sure why) be ready for some changes soon.