Rough Draft V.1b

  • This site is always in rough draft mode, never polished and full of mistakes, this allows me to keep my head clear and not get caught up in the details.
  • One Cloudy Day is “Aaron Post”, that does not mean that “Aaron Post” is One Cloudy Day although that didn’t always use to be the case.

My Story (short version):

I was told at a young age that I need to become specialized at something, those people in life get paid more than those who are just generally good at a lot of things.   While that conversation haunts me to this day, I have become someone of a generalist. The world is too amazing, fun and challenging to be stuck doing the same thing every day.  I love working with smart people who are focused on that one thing.

I might argue that someone has to bring those specialized individuals together and have it make sense because it does not happen on its own.   No matter if it is in Sales, Product development or Marketing, I work with groups to be able to understand what, where and how things should come together.   Of course that can only happen when I am in the right environment.

Until I flush this out a bit more, here is some content that I pulled from my Linkedin profile.

Fun Facts:
– Community Focused.
– Established numerous companies, some failed some succeeded.
– Up for a challenge, with the right team of course.
– I have made multiple mistakes. Statistically, I have learned from most of them.
– I don’t always follow the rules.
– I have read many business books, starting to overthink things.
– Working on my WHY, still.
Experience or something like that:
– Business Development, Sales and Support Experience
– Full Stack Developer Certification
– Client support & on-boarding
– Created brand-centric messaging
– Development of tools & systems supporting for sales teams
Things of interest:
– Soon to be altMBA student (Spring 2019)
– Investor – Orange Days Ahead
– Investor – Panther Ventures
– Investor – Panther Properties
– Co-founder of BarVision *Sold 2014 – As seen on Bar Rescue
– Co-founder of Hylo *Sold 2010
– Co-founder of Pink Tomorrow (Mary Kay portal) – Don’t ask
– Co-founder of Forty – Numerous nominations at SXSW
– Co-founder of 30 Second Rule (merged into Forty)
– Co-founder of Refresh Phoenix – NonProfit Community Organization
– Co-founder ArizonaRestaurants.com ~ Dead after 1 year

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